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Blake C. McKamey Prison guard

Take the guesswork out of giving presents with our ideas for everyone on your list, from the super fan in your family to faraway friends.

Victor J. Quimby Tax examiner

I enjoy gift cards. I know not everyone will, but I do enjoy getting them.

Thomas F. Emrich Attorney

There's really no hobby I can think of where the heavily-advertised brand is the thing that enthusiasts actually would buy for themselves. Rather than return ten different things with gift receipts, I'd much rather have a gift card. Less steps involved.

Thomas F. Emrich Attorney

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Jessie T. Wright Industrial designer

I love them. People saying they're impersonal or lazy gift giving, but they're actually giving you the financial freedom to get whatever you want guilt free and for some of us, that's the best thing ever. Bring on the gift cards!

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